Tips For Healing Dry Cracked Heels

The necessity of taking proper care of the whole body cannot be overemphasized. Taking care of the body ensures that you possess a sound mind in a sound body. However, it is very easy to forget about taking good care of some body parts until trouble starts. For example the feet are often neglected for a long period until they develop dry cracked heels.

When the heels crack it usually has the effect of making you become very uncomfortable. For example, it may become hard for you to put on sandals or to walk around barefooted on the beach. In addition, in extreme cases, the cracks could become very painful such that you may not be able to walk easily.

For people who have such cracks on their feet, there are lots of things that you could do to remedy the situation. For instance, you will find lots of home remedies that are very potent. In addition, you can buy some finished products lines such as Royal treatment, Royal skin care and Royal Pedi stone.

In addition, you need to pay close attention to what you eat. You will need to make sure that your food is rich in Vitamins E, Omega3, Zinc and Iron. This will also ensure that you do not have a lot of dead cells building up around your feet. You may also need to know that when you have cracks on your heels it may be that you lack some nutrients in the food that you eat.

You will also find it beneficial if you make it a point of duty to exfoliate your feet regularly and to ensure that it is always moisturized. Another good way of exfoliating dead skin is by employing pumice which is a natural abrasive. More so, you cam also use the Royal Pedi Stone which equally very effective. However, you should not use a razor blade to exfoliate your skin so that you do not wound yourself.

An equally good way of keeping your foot moisturized is by applying a oil based moisturizer on your feet in the day and in the night. For the best outcome, you can apply a good dose of petroleum jelly on your feet to seal the moisturizer in place. You can also wear your socks before going to bed so that feet will remain warm.

To ensure that you are completely healed of dry cracked heels it is essential that you see your treatment as a continuous affair. Thus, it essential that you start and maintain a regular schedule for exfoliating your feet. This will ensure that your skin is constantly rejuvenated and that all the dead skin cells do not become callouses.