Shaving And Skin Care Methods For Men And Women Of All Ages

Man or woman looking after the skin can actually pay back and nowadays males are thinking about their skincare regimens more carefully. We are delighted that skin care for males has become a less taboo subject at last! So, we have put together this simple guide for males who wants to invest in their skin.

Basics – Rinse your face with a foaming face wash in the morning and before you go to bed and constantly bathe with your preferred body wash product right after any pursuit which makes you sweat or even during your normal shower or bath.

Moisturizer – Yes, you need to moisturize also! There are various products on the market which have been made specifically for men so look for a moisturizer and then use it after shaving each and every morning and after cleansing at night.

Sunscreen – Based on research men frequently stay out in the sun for extended time but are unlikely to shield their skin than women. This is not just an issue regarding the way that UV rays will age you skin, it is also essential that you protect against skin cancer! Apply a sunscreen at least 15 minutes prior to going out into the sun then re-apply at 2 hourly intervals.

Breakouts – Eating a balanced diet and staying hydrated with filtered or bottled water will aid you to prevent breakouts, as will exercise – which helps to flush out the pores, even though it can also be important to cleanse the skin correctly following a work out; make use of your usual foaming face wash for this specific purpose. Should you suffer breakouts body wash, face wash as well as moisturizing products that contains salicylic acid or perhaps glycolic acid might be beneficial.

Shaving – Facial hair and shaving are the main concerns impacting skin compared to a woman’s as well as the process of shaving can damage the skin, tiny abrasions and making it more susceptible to the elements, so it is crucial that you approach it the right way. In case you would prefer to wet shave be sure to use a shaving product for instance a foam or cream, dampening the skin before application. Decide on a double blade and while shaving rinse the blades frequently. Don’t over use your razor and always shave in direction of the hair growth. For electric shaving apply a pre-shave lotion to the skin which will help protect the skin from irritation. Follow shaving with an aftershave balm, or an acne treatment if you experience breakouts, and finish with your moisturizer.

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Ways To Make Shaving A Lot Easier

Do you shave many times during the week? Do you shave on a daily basis like many people do? Everybody will need to shave at some time in their life so you will too. What I like about shaving is that there are techniques that you can use to make it a lot easier on you and your skin. Now, I am not going to tell you that you have to buy the most expensive shaver and shaving cream because frankly that won’t do everything you need it to.

Tips To Make Shaving Simpler

Use Warm Shaving Cream – Something that I highly recommend is that you get a shaving cream warmer to help you out. The best part about a shaving cream heater is that they will keep your skin warm, your hair will weaken and best of all your skin won’t burn when you are done. Another reason why you should always use warm shaving cream is because it leaves your skin feeling much softer for hours afterwards.

Sharp Blades Are A Must – Another thing that you need to understand is that a sharp blade is very important to getting all the hair off your body. Where most people go wrong is they keep using the same dull blade that they have been using. If you want the best shave, then it is imperative that you get new blades every couple of weeks. Trust me, this is the only way you will get the shave that you desire.

Never Dry Shave – Have you ever done a dry shave before? I ask this because most people will dry shave every once in a while and it never turns out very well. The reason why you should never dry shave is because your hair is not soft enough and your skin will not be slippery. Having wet skin is important to ensure that the blade doesn’t catch on your skin and cut it.

Shave After Showering – One thing that I highly recommend is that you shave after showering. The purpose of this is to make sure your hair is softer and your follicles are all opened up. When you shave while cold, your body will hold onto the hair which makes it very difficult to cut. Just make sure you shower prior to shaving so that you can benefit from the heat.

With these tricks you will be able to shave much easier. People wonder all the time why shaving is so difficult and the main reason is because they just don’t know the right way to do it. Use the tips above and see how much better your skin feels once you are done.

Do you know the reason why so many people prefer hot shaving cream? The main reason is because hot shaving cream will give them a much better shave.

Advice In Getting The Smoothest Shave

How would you like to get the smoothest shave in the world? Whether shaving your legs, face, back or chest you need to make sure that you are always using the sharpest razor. A lot of people think that their shaving cream does more than a sharp razor but this is not correct. In order to get the best shave possible you will need to have the best razor every time you shave. Trust me, you will thank me later for ensuring that your razor was extremely sharp.

Tips On Getting The Smoothest Shave

Use Warm Shaving Cream – The first thing that I recommend in order to get the smoothest shave is to simply use warm shaving cream. The benefit of using warm shaving cream is that it makes your hair stand up and that will give you the closest shave possible. If this is what you want, then I would suggest getting a heated shaving cream dispenser to help you out.

Shave Following A Shower – Another tip that I have for you is to always shave after you take a hot shower. A lot of people would rather shave before but the truth is that your hair sticks up more when it is hotyou’re your pores open up as well. My advice is to just make sure you take a hot shower if you want the best shave you can get.

Clean Skin Is Easier To Shave – Did you know that the cleaner your skin is the easier it will be to clean? Most people don’t realize this and therefore they don’t worry about it but it is true. When your skin doesn’t have any oil or dirt on it your razor will be able to cut a lot eaiser. When you have clean skin all the razor has to do is cut the hair, nothing else.

Trim Hair Prior To Shaving – If you have really long hair, then I would strongly recommend trimming it. The reason you need to do that is because you don’t want your shaver to work harder to get rid of all the hair as opposed to just a stuble. If you don’t do this, then the chances of your ruining your shaver much faster is more likley.

If you want to get the smoothest shave, then you need to follow the tips that I just outlined. I know what it is like to get the best shave and that is why I want to share this with others who want the exact same thing.

There are a lot of things that you can do to get the smoothest shave and using a shaving gel warmer will surely help. Also, if you want to use warm shaving cream then I would highly recommend using a heated shaving cream dispenser.

Razor Bumps, What Causes Them?

People who have razor bumps, often find the skin in that area is irritated. This condition occurs primarily because of the hair found on the surface of the skin. When people shave the hair along the surface, some hairs can curl back into the root shaft, causing a small bump to appear. The area affected with these small bumps can often be more sensitive and might even experience a degree of pain.

It is primarily caused after a shave, where the hair curls back and grows into the skin. This is also known as an ingrown hair. Getting a really close shave can also aggravate this situation, as the hair is cut off closer to the surface of the skin and has a higher chance of becoming ingrown.

In some cases, razor bumps can lead to acne developing in the same region. The development of acne will depend on the skin type of the individual experiencing the bumps. The bumps primarily appear under the arms and on the legs in women, while they can show up on the face in men. This is because those are the areas people shave the most.

Shaving is not the only way to get razor bumps, in fact, other hair removal methods can make your chances even greater for getting the bumps. Plucking, waxing and electrolysis are all methods that can cause the bumps. In fact, due to the depth of where the hair follicle is destroyed, it can cause an even worse reaction than shaving and can lead to sever razor bumps for a period of time.

Excessive perspiration also tends to infect the hair follicles and cause these shaving bumps to occur. When the bacteria causing razor bumps spreads across your shaved area due to excessive sweating, it tends to enter the hair follicles and damage them. This makes the hair follicles more vulnerable of being infected with Staphylococcus aureus, thereby causing these bumps.

Tight clothing and friction is another important factor that leads to the occurrence of ingrown hairs. Wearing a tight collared shirt after shaving your neck or face or wearing tight fitted underwear after shaving the bikini line can damage the hair follicles and making them prone to infection, thus causing these bumps.

The fact that razor bumps prove to an unsightly nuisance that can stay for weeks or even months, proper skin care and appropriate shaving technique can prove to be highly beneficial in preventing this skin condition to occur to a great extent.

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